Surface Finishing

Surface Finishing


Many of our finished products have the option for additional finishing and treatment options.  Parts can be finished to enhance function, prevent wear, or just to increase the visual imprint.  Finishing services offer a vast range of benefits for your parts, components, and prototypes. 

Surface finishing refers to different processes used to alter the surface of a manufactured product to give it a distinct or desired look and feel. Different techniques are used to improve the appearance, adherence, solderability, resistance to corrosion, hardness, conductivity and many other characteristics of industrial components.


We house an entire department dedicated to providing excellent finishing services to our manufactured products.  Like the rest of our manufacturing operation, our finishing department is located within our factory for ease of communication and expedited production. 

The right finish can provide the look, feel, and durability you want and require.  Add to your project with any one of our professional services.  The finishing services available at GT Tech include:

High gloss polishing

Sanding & polishing is one of the most common finish for prototyping. Sanding is very basic process to remove cutting marks or the printing marks, in order to get smooth surface. Get ready for further finish such as sandblasted, painted, chromed…

Started from rough sand paper, when you reach 2000 sand paper the part surface are smooth enough for high gloss polishing to obtain shiny surface or mirror look, transparent such as light guide, lens.


Spray Painting

Colorful painted finishes can be professionally applied to nearly any finished product within our in-house clean room.  Using the Pantone Matching System, we provide accurate color matching, and texturing using the Mold Tech standard. With a Pantone Color callout, and/or a Mold-Tech texture callout and we can match your color needs with precise accuracy.  Colors can be added for many reasons, making part distinctions or for cosmetic improvement.  Items with an added paint finish have better resistance to fading, damage, and wear. 



Protect and enhance your product with a layer of precious metal.  Chrome, silver, and other metals can be evenly coated over your part, component, or prototype.  Plating offers many benefits including chemical and electrical resistance, added visual effect, and more!


Brush Anodizing

Brush anodizing offers added protection and utility.  Advantages of anodizing include:

Increasing resistance to corrosion and wear

Improving adhesion of added coatings, paints, and finishes

Improving reflective properties



Finished metal products can undergo a type of electroplating process.   Electricity is used to remove ions, building resistance along the surface of a metal.   This increases resistance to wear, protection against corrosion, and adhesion for additional cosmetic coatings.


Laser Etching

Etch a logo, product name, part or serial numbers, and more with laser etching.  We can etch even small designs with incredible detail with our precision laser etching system.


















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