Automotive CNC Machining Jul 13, 2022

Computer numerical control systems are recently very popular in the automotive sector. From die- casting similar components to crafting unibody frames, CNC tools and machines are sorely responsible for a large number of parts present in modern vehicles.

Since its beginnings in the 1860s, the automotive industry continues to build itself on innovation and technologies. Many of the biggest innovations in the automotive sector are tied directly to manufacturing advances. CNC machining for automotive applications drives many of the manufacturing advances in the industry. 

In 1913, for instance, Henry Ford revolutionized automaking with the first moving assembly line. With this, he brought mass-produced vehicles to people around the world. Since then, precision auto parts have remained two key goals of the automotive industry. 

In recent years, there have been advances in design, robotics, and manufacturing processes. All these led to significant increases in the automation of automotive machining. These same technologies have also led to improvements in vehicle design and performance. There are several applications of CNC machining. However, this technology plays several important roles in the transformation of auto-making.



Advantages of CNC Machining for Automotive Applications 


CNC Machining for automotive industry has become popular in recent years. Manufacturers across the globe seek to benefit from the process’s many perks. Such perks include speed, automation, repeatability, and more. Here are some of the advantages of automotive CNC machining: 


perfect productivity 

From medium to high production volumes, CNC Machining offers rapid production times compared to traditional machining. This is because of its automated nature, which eliminates the need for lengthy and labor-intensive manual machining. Some steps help speed up and optimize the machine’s run time in the production planning process. 


High level of automation, a feature that ensures there is low labor intensity 

Automation is in itself an advantage of CNC Machining. Not only does it allow faster production times compared to manual processes, but it also makes the automotive manufacturing process more streamlined. If you sent a part for manufacturing on a CNC Machine, robotic arms could assist in the removal of the part once finished. Therefore, workers can dedicate more time to design and innovation tasks. 


High precision so as to achieve good product consistency 

As a computer-controlled process, automotive CNC Machining also brings with it a guarantee of repeatability. This is a crucial element in any industrial-grade production setting. In the automotive industry, it is crucial to ensure that parts are consistent from batch to batch. This way, all CNC cars rolled out will be up to the same standard. 

In line with repeatability, CNC Machining is capable of achieving tight tolerances for parts that demand it. For automotive applications especially, this reliable process can meet the required tolerances for the engine and other functional components. Thus, you can be sure of getting precision auto parts at the end of the manufacturing process. The process is also capable of producing complex parts for vehicles. 



Though it may not suit well to customization as additive manufacturing, CNC Machining helps the automotive sector produce customized parts. This advantage comes with short lead times, either as one-offs or in small production volumes.


Production Applications of CNC Machining for Automotive Industry 

Asides from its many prototype applications, automotive machining also assists in the production of many parts for CNC cars. They include: 

  • headlights, exterior lights 
  • Interior Panels 
  • Starter Motors 
  • Cylinder Heads 
  • Drive Axles 
  • Gearboxes 
  • Custom parts



GT CNC Machining Services  

At GT, we offer several CNC Machining capabilities, including three, four, and five-axis machining. Generally, 5- axis machining is simply the process that uses a CNC to shift a cutting tool or workpiece along 5- different axes at correlative time. This accredits machining of intricate parts with complete accuracy and efficiency. We also offer a broad range of materials, such as aluminum alloys, steel, titanium, plastics, and more. Leveraging our CNC Machining expertise and vast manufacturing network, we can deliver automotive components in as little as three days for our customers.  

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