ELECTRONICS May 13, 2022

Saves Electronic Products Cycle Time Through CNC Machining

Electronic products include many types, of which the most close to our lives is consumer electronics. Consumer electronics is designed around consumer applications and life, work and entertainment-related electronic products, usually applied to entertainment, communication and other uses a free to enjoy the purpose of entertainment, mainly focused on the individual purchase and by the individual consumption of electronic products.


The emergence of consumer electronics is a great change in daily life, which makes consumers' life much more convenient and also makes consumers' quality of life continuously improve, becoming an indispensable part of consumers' daily life.


Based on the iterative development of consumer electronics   manufacturing   technology and the popularity of mobile Internet applications, the global mobile device market size represented by smartphones, tablets and laptops is growing rapidly and the consumer base continues to expand.


International cell phone giants and gaming giants are using CNC machining, 3D printing and various other rapid prototyping to realize products, greatly improving the product design, prototype and mass production cycle. Gaining greater market share for the company.


Just GT prototype is a factory specializing in metal and plastic processing. We are familiar with the characteristics of various materials, and we have various domestic and foreign advanced CNC processing equipment and many experienced engineers and quality management system, etc.


We are a 24-hour dedicated service + 24-hour production model, and many customers say that working with us can greatly save communication costs and shorten the product cycle in order to realize the product as soon as possible.

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